Friday, April 8, 2011

kicking the ball

מתוך סידרה חדשה של חותמות - בנים והצעצועים שלהם, מגיעה החותמת הזו
from my new series of stamps - boys and their toys, comes this stamp

מגיעה ב4 גרסאות שונות (רגילה, כדור כדורגל, כדור ים, ללא כדור).

comes in 4 versions (regular, football, beach ball and no ball).

לרכישה בחנות באטסי, לחצו כאן.
to purchase on etsy, press here.
שימו לב - הרוכש יקבל גרסה בשחור ולבן של האיור הנ"ל.
Please note -- you will receive a black and white image. 


Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Good Morning from the US :0)

I am happy to have met you. I thing you are going to me a wonderful stamp designer. Do you have any plans on moving to the States?

may-chu said...

well, eventually, I do. but I'm a student in Israel right now, and I also don't have the funds to move to the US now, LOL! why do you ask?

and I'm also glad I found you! you have an amazing blog and I just signed up as a follower :)
May xx

Dora said...

how cute this is, love it xx

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

I am just a nosey person LOL Hopefully one day you'll make it over here. However, I have got a hugh surprise for you on my Blog go check it out :o)

may-chu said...

you're not nosey at all, I think it's sweet that someone takes interest in me :)
as for your blog... oh dear, I'm so lucky!
you're so nice, I'm glad I met you :)

Alicia said...

This is a cute image!
Alicia xx