Thursday, March 17, 2011

giraffe with a scarf

חשבתם פעם איזה אורך צעיף ג'ירפה צריכה?
have you ever thought what's the length of a scarf a giraffe needs?

מגיע ב4 גרסאות שונות (רגילה, צעיף מפוספס, עיניים פקוחות וכתמים שחורים).
comes in 4 versions (regular, eyes open, striped scarf and black spots).

לרכישה בחנות באטסי, לחצו כאן.
to purchase on etsy, press here.
שימו לב - הרוכש יקבל גרסה בשחור ולבן של האיור הנ"ל.
Please note -- you will receive a black and white image. 


Mina said...

wow wow wow I love your digis...I feel a purchase coming on
Mina xxx

may-chu said...

Is that a threat? LOL I would love that.

Sassylassy said...

Your designs are gorgeous. You should have a challenge blog!
Hugs Bonnie

may-chu said...

I probably will, soon ;) thanks!

weewiccababe said...

so cute May - will pop over to your etsystore soon

Grace said...

Oh my goodness how cute are your digis!!! LOVE them! Will be back soon!!!

LINDA said...

WOWZER!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, so that I could come visit yours.. Im really loving
Your images and am going to have to buy some of them..I agree you need to start a blog challenge..So that more people can see these..There awesome!!
Hugs, Linda

may-chu said...

girls, I would love to see you stop by my shop :) also - this blog will probably become a challenge blog pretty soon... stay tuned!